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The Story of Stam Gallery


Steven Stam

Steven Stam

A Tradition of Excellence...

It started with Steven Stam’s attempt to become an iconic American artist. Let’s just say his painterly talents did not match those of Lichtenstein's, Warhol's or deKooning's.  Fortunately, he realized early on that he did have talent  juding artistic beauty and quality craftsmanship. So naturally he became a fine art and antiques dealer after he opened his first shop in Devon, Connecticut in 1972

Through the following decades, Steven owned, managed and was affiliated with a number of prestige enterprises including the Manhattan Antiques & Art Center (MAAC), Century Gallery in Soho, and Max Vas Gallery — all in New York City. Subsequently, as an exclusive Park Avenue  private dealer,  he conducted the sale of numerous important works of art (Chagall, Picasso, Basquiate, etc) . He also regularly displayed his collection all over New York State,  New England, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. His galleries were located in New Oxford, PA, Maluca Hill, NJ, Ithaca, NY, and in Port Washington on Long Island.

For the past 45+ years he has also been very busy practicing as a USPAP certified general personal property appraiser, specializing in antiques and fine art. USPAP certified since 2002 by both AAA and ASA, and is a recognized member of the prestigious International Society of Appraisers (ISA) in good standing.

...A Neighborhood Gem

Steven has been a fixture of Long Island since 1995, buying & selling fine art and antiques in hios Port Washington gallery. For several of those years he was a subtenant at Giles Antiques, however, in 2007 he switched roles with Pat Giles,  and became the new proprietor, upgrading the inventory from mostly folksy Americana to high end, museum quality American & European furniture, antiques and artwork, mostly purchased from local Great Gatsby estates of  Long Island's gold coast. Steven holds regular free appraisal events in his gallery, pays top prices for quality merchandise, and treats everyone fairly and in a friendly manner.


Today, Stam Gallery is the PREMIER antiques & fine art gallery of Long Island, an important  source to museums, dealers and discerning  collectors from all over the world.

Just minutes from Manhattan, Stam Gallery is always a fun place to visit, whether you are intent on buying or selling  important antiques / artworks. So stop by and say HELLO.